The 4 in For We Are Many

The Meme-Lords of Metro Detroit


Most metal bands work to create the best music and show they can, but too many groups take themselves too seriously..They're tough and moody and stand in the typical "Shaded V Pose" for every picture--we get it.. but between the smug dude and the guy laughing and smiling, who would WE want to talk to? We're guilty of some serious lyrics and music, but think life is best with laughter and kindness.

Cultural Pride


Although 100% proud Americans, as a band, we are incredibly proud of our lineage and heritage. With 4 Hispanics and 1 Native American (Honorary Hispanic) member, we hold fast to our cultures embracing them proudly in everything we do as a group and as individuals. From Mexican AND American flags on amps to Dia De Los Muertos designs on merchandise and album covers, we bring together these parts of and in us everywhere we go,  nothing will ever sway us from these principles.

Hermanos 'til the End


Other than giving our fans our blood, sweat and tears in the studio and on the stage, there is nothing more important to us than the sense of family we try to build. We have met such amazing people on our journey and without each and every one of them, we could not be where we are now. Everyone of you who listens to our music and does anything from nod your heads to freak out and share with all of your friends to cry because the lyrics connect with you, becomes part of our family and we will always welcome you, one and all, with open arms.